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Rodolfo Arpia

was born and grew up in a small town near Buenos Aires, Argentina

at age 5 he asked his father to send him to English school because he knew he was going to need it eventually when it was time to move to New York... his father listened

he became an electromechanical technician and moved to Buenos Aires to study electrical engineering, he still doesn't know why he did that

he picked up photography while working as a loss adjuster; his first subjects were burglarized and destroyed buildings

it wasn't New York, he arrived in Los Angeles in 1998

he sold cookware, water filters, computers, and software. he isn't pushy so he didn't do that well

he worked for an internet company; the bubble burst an so did the company

he finally found what he's going to be doing for a long long time when he became a wedding photographer

he would love to shoot your wedding so give him a ring

P / 714.699.3422
E / rudy@arpiaphoto.com
Pasadena, CA